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Laguna Lane sustainable designer clothing brand
Laguna Lane | eco-friendly women's swimsuits and activewear


Working as a NYC fashion designer, I saw ALL of the waste that happens throughout the design process, even before a garment gets put into production. I knew that when starting my own label, I wanted to hold my clothing to a higher standard. This brand was started on the belief that there has to be a better way of getting the clothing we love but without causing such harm to the environment. We stand for handmade products, made from sustainable materials, that are built to last. Let's slow down the harmful fast-fashion cycle and get back to what it's all about: feeling your best in a piece you love that will last for years to come.

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Meet the Designer

Lillian Lopez

I started loving fashion at the age of 10 when I first learned to sew from my mom. Growing up, I made a lot of my own clothes and soon discovered this is what I wanted to do with my life. But when I finally got into the fashion industry, things weren't as glamourous as they seemed. The waste and pollution of the industry greatly impacted me and I decided I need to be one of the change-makers in fashion. All of the pieces in my line are made sustainably, ethically, and in small batches. No mass production, minimal waste, everything is well thought out so that it's good for you AND the planet. Thanks so much for checking out Laguna Lane!


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